Saturday, November 22, 2014

Time: Starting Up Again

I have not given much thought to getting back to blogging so now that I am here doing it I am more reluctant than ever to start, even if the reason for reluctance is a new one. That reason is that I'm not convinced that blogging is even something I should be doing. Perhaps the fact that I am doing it is convincing enough.

I know that to continue linking a stalled blog to my web presence is detrimental, so it was either use it or lose it--you see my choice.

I am on the brink of launching a no holds barred approach to acquiring an agent in pursuit of publishing Special through traditional means. By entitling this particular blog post "Time" I am signifying that the time is right for me to get into this endeavor with all my being. That has become obvious to me with the fact that there are more venues for social and promotional web presence now than there were at the end of 2011 when I first attempted to utilize a web presence as a helpful means to procure an agent. It seems everything I do in the name of freelance writing asks for links to websites, blogs, or other pages, and mine, regrettably enough, are stalled, parked, inactive--whatever sugar-coated terms can be invented by promoteurs (my invention) who know better than to completely alienate possible paying customers with the truth. They're dead; no longer alive and growing. 

My attempts at contacting Homestead through their customer service link to see what it will take to get my website back up haven't produced any results, and when they do I may not be able to immediately dodge whatever financial bullets they shoot at me. In the mean time I have started work on another site, but because it involves a more in-depth knowledge of actual website design than did creating my original site it will take more time as I learn the process.

Then there's this blog, which is linked to my page on About.Me. I have always liked the concept of the About.Me site. I feel my About.Me page is more important, that it will help me most with the agent issue than help I can expect from other social medias--which I feel are attuned to promoting rather than supporting. Without a current, viable website to link to on About.Me, my page, there, is linked to some social sites like Facebook and Twitter and a blog that I haven't posted in since the first month in the year 2013--that post itself being about recommitment--soon to be 2 years ago.

With all this said--or written--I have now given you something new to read, something in the way of both an explanation for past derelictions and present intentions. In the past I have written about commitment, time, sharing, attitude, peace and other emotional and spiritual matters. Perhaps I should ask for your help. If you enjoy reading my blog, are interested in learning more about me and my insights, or haven't quite made up your mind, won't you please join me later in the week to see what new things I am writing about? 

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