Thursday, September 27, 2012

Actions Speak Louder than Words

My dad was fond of the adage, "Actions speak louder than words." This became ingrained in me as I seem to have always been an observer, noting people's reactions to my actions, and also to the actions of others. Consequences to those actions, good and bad, played a big part in the concretion of my observations relating to the saying, thereby influencing my growing experience.

Having made the previous statements, I won't waste any more words regarding their appearance on this blog, twice in the same week after some sporadic blank spots.

One problem I see with this foundational tool of my life is that, as a writer I deal in words, so if my words aren't speaking as loud as my actions I may have a serious dilemma.

Another of my life tenets that I firmly believe in is that "attitude is everything," so perhaps if I maintain the mindset that my words are my actions, while keeping in mind, still another adage of "quality above quantity," my dilemma is transformed into a paradox, thereby ceasing to be a problem and becoming a mystery.

I like mysteries, don't you?

Monday, September 24, 2012

Back on the Beam

Well, it has been a while - a couple of weeks. Commitment is extremely important with writng, and writing is extremely important to me; so for me not to keep up with it should say a lot to anyone reading.

All I can do now is move on. If I haven't mentioned it anywhere previously, I am also committed to taking steps to continually move on. I have had a few positive changes take place in my physical, material world, so as soon as I can ease into a comfortable routine I think I will be able to move on with some steadiness and regularity, taking a few giant steps instead of baby steps all the time.

I have two short story deadlines that I am committing myself to making, and plenty of others which I may or may not make. The two I am adamant about are for the end of September and the middle of October. I may be back at the blogging, but I won't diddle here for long.

It does feel good to be back "on the beam." Those of you who know what true commitment is can understand what it's like to get back to a commitment, if only for the first time and still know that you are in that place where you can and will continue. For me it is sort of a pleasant "high" that comes from the familiarity of having been in that place before, a place that I refer to as "on the beam."

I hope to attract some followers along the way. The time has arrived. Will you join me?

Thursday, September 6, 2012

My last two blogs have really stretched my commitment time-frame. I am very pleased that several changes have come about in my living situation that should really benefit my creativity, my ability to keep commitments to myself, my blogging and my writing in general.

Looking to the future, I wonder that when my reluctance to blog diminshes and I find myself banging at the keys to post new blogs with enthusiasm and regularity, will I then need to change the name?

You may think it too soon for such thoughts, but I find when I entertain possible desirable scenarios like that in my mind enough, they become like meditation and visionary practices for me, and I eventually get to live them.