Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pace and Commitment

Even though my blog has been sitting here, practicing for the archives, I have continued following other authors on their blogs, trying to make positive but truthful comments. A lightbulb came on for me the other day as I was reading a very good blogpost, the gist of which is that I can still find the time to create good quality, positive blogs with useful information that I have to share or that I have found from other writers, and remain consistent in my efforts simply by starting out with a publishing commitment which fits my current lifestyle. I may only make one blog-post per week for a while, but doing so will let me remain loyal to all my commitments in a manner that is acceptable to me.

This is something that I already knew, but had let outside pressures sway me from what I knew works for me. The rule of thumb for me has been: Start with quality and consistency, and you'll pick up speed. Start with speed and poor quality, and the quality rarely improves. I could have put it more eloquently, but it says what I want, just the way it is. It's just another thread unravelling from the adage, "Slow and steady wins the race."

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