Saturday, August 18, 2012

Keeping in mind the name I chose for my blog, along with some of my usual themes which in some way, shape, or form always include commitment, I decided to write about  my "reluctance," after looking out the window pondering on it. 

I think my original resistance to blogging is a simple parallel to my introverted qualities and lingering initial antisocial attitude. Having broken those barriers the continuing resistance is due more to outside circumstances like time, working conditions, internet availability and such. Granted, blogging is still the least inspirational thing I do, but with persistence - you knew it was coming - I am confident the passion will be there when its time has come.


  1. I came to blogging with more than a little reluctance, as well. But I have "met" so many wonderful people during the past year. I am so very glad that I took that step. I hope the experience will be as rewarding for you! =)

  2. Thanks Ruth.

    It may not be one of the joys of my life but I am content with it. It is a commitment and gets me "out there." I pay attention to what I read, so I try to participate by commenting, but mostly in a brief manner.

    Whatever I do in life takes place quietly, not being noticed until it "is" noticed. I am not marketing anything at this time, just reinforcing the old adage, "No Man is an Island."