Saturday, August 11, 2012

Two Sides of Every Coin

I don't know that I have enough time at present to put the "umph" I feel I should put into this subject. Commitment is everything for me, so I was once again dismayed to find another week gone by, without an extra post. With that in mind I set out to write. A topic which seems to keep popping up is the irony involved with practically everything in my life. The most important revelation regarding this is my positive attitude regarding many negative things of my current life circumstances.

It looks as if I will have a steadier home base and internet source by Wednesday, so hopefully I will be able to be a tad more consistent with my on-line postings.

When I am able to view the difficulties and obstacles of my life circumstances as more fodder for my writing, the ideas and emotion as well as the experiences themselves, my attitude is light and I am able to write freely. It's just that sometimes I become aggravated when these temporary trials keep me from what I see as being able to move on, missing opportunities to further my career.

As of late, I have realized the extreme degree to which I can remain patient; it's this same degree of patience that "flips," and bites back, causing my aggravation when I miss some type of deadline. The simple knowledge of this keeps that lightness close at hand, keeps my attitude positive if I am willing to allow it to do so. 

In trying to lead into a good closing, I am aware of having much more to say. I need to maintain the commitment so I don't have the option to save now, add more tomorrow and then post. It might work, but experience shows me I would probably find myself wondering sometime next week (or later) what happened to my commitment? Sacrifices are necessary; on the flipside of sacrifice is progress.

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